Full-screen Slideshow

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You may want to set your Shack Slides Pro for your Joomla site running on the Joomlashack Unlimited template to display slides in a full-screen mode. 

This is exactly how we set the Shack Slides Pro slideshow for this Demo site:

There are two conditions for the full-screen slideshow running on the Joomlashack Unlimited template:

  1. You need to set the module to get displayed on the slider module position.
  2. You need to set the value of the Module Class Suffix parameter to the full-screen.

Here is how to do this in more detail.

  • In your Joomla control panel, go to Extensions > Modules:

  • You will be taken to the Modules (Site) administrative page. Click Select Type:

  • In the drop-down list of module types, click Shack Slides Pro:

  • You will see your module listed. Click on its title:

  • You will be taken to the Modules: Shack Slides Pro screen. Locate the Position parameter on the right and set it to slider:

  • Click on the Advanced tab:

  • Locate the Module Class Suffix field and type in there full-screen with one space in front of it:

  • In the top left corner of the screen, click Save or Save & Close.

Featured Articles

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You can get the same look for articles from our homepage:

  • Go to Menus > Main menu > Add new menu item
  • Menu item type: Articles > Featured articles 
  • Layout > Leading articles: 0
  • Layout > Columns: 2
  • You can decide to not display: category, author, created date, modified date, hits, etc. through Options tab

  • Be sure the articles have intro image. This is done while editing an article through Images and links > Intro image setting.
  • The text box that contains the article title and intro text would be displayed on the left, right or fullwidth depending the Image float setting. This is done while editing an article through Images and links > Image float setting.
  • In Unlimited template demo we use images with size 960x638.

Template Installation

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Note You must have Joomla! 3 installed to use a Joomlashack template.
  1. After purchasing your template, log into your Joomlashack Account and download the template file to your computer. The filename will look similar to js_templatename.zip

  2. Once you downloaded the template, in your Joomla Administrator panel, go to Extensions > Manage

    Extension Manager

  3. Go to Upload package file tab

    Template Manager

  4. Click on the " Browse... " button, and find the file you downloaded. Then click on Upload & Install. button.
    The template should take a few seconds to upload and install. After the process is complete, you should see a success message.

  5. Now you will need to set the template to be the default template for your site. To do this, go to Extensions > Templates.

    Template Manager

    Click on the 'Default' button shaped like a star to the right of your template's name. If you set the default template correctly, you should see the star icon in yellow color.

    Template Manager

  6. Your template will now be installed! Look below for more important information on how to set up your template once installed.

My Template Doesn't Look Like the Demo - Template Setup

Once installed, your template will most likely require some setup, the depth of which is determined by how many customization options your template offers (different module formatting for example).

For a look at the reasons why your template does not look like the demo straight after install, please see Why doesn't my template look like the demo?

I couldn't get my template to download - where do I go to get support?

For more help with installation, setup, customization, or an issue, please Submit a Ticket (only available for purchased templates and Template Club customers).

Joomlashack Extensions

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This template comes with 2 commercial extensions for free: Shack Slides and Easy Social Icons.

Shack Slides

Shack Slides is the way to intensify your site with images that have style, are fully-responsive and have awesome effects.

We use Shack Slides in the slideshow for the Unlimited demo.

Documentation for Shack Slides

Easy Social Icons

Easy Social Icons is a lightweight module that let you quickly add and manage all your social network links.

We use Easy Social Icons to show social networks icons for the Unlimited demo.

Documentation for Easy Social Icons

Template Options

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This template comes with few Basic Options to help you further customize your Joomla website. You can choose from logo displaying, to what type of fonts you want on the website. To change the template basic options you simply need to follow the steps below.

  1. Login into the Administration Control Panel of you Joomla website.

  2. For Joomla sites you'll need to navigate to Extensions > Template Manager . Click on the title of your Joomla template.

  3. Below you'll see the templates basic options. There are several basic options to change here so we suggest you play around with them to see what best suits your Joomla website.

    Basic Options

Basic Options Explained

Need Help? Documentation
Helpful documentation for our this template
Remove Branding
This will remove the branding located near the footer of the page.
Each different template can have several styles to select from (depends on each template)
Load modal behavior
Use the modal class in any link tag to open up pop ups instead of new windows. Just add class="modal" to your <a> tags and you will open up pop ups.
Load jQuery
Control the way that jQuery gets loaded (this does not apply for Joomla 3.x, because it loads jQuery from the Joomla core).
Logo Image
Choose how you want to display your logo. You can choose to use the template logo file, a module position, or from a list of images. For more on how to set up your logo see  Logo Setup.
Logo Width
Change the width of the logo depending on your image and the module position located next to the logo will change widths automatically.
Body Font
Choose from several different fonts for the overall site.
Heading Font
Choose from several fonts for the heading on your site.
Choose how you want your columns displayed and the widths of those columns.
Bootstrap grid mode
The Template can work either in a 960px grid (px) or using a fluid grid (%).
Enable Bootstrap's responsive behavior
You can select whether yoy want to hace responsive behavior (mobile/tablet veiw).
Sticky Footer
Select whether you want to force the footer to be always at the bottom of the page.
Bootstrap styles for article images
You can select an style for the intro and full-article images (using the default Joomla Content component).
Enable template documentation mode
Loads docs.css and prettify.js to enhance documentation either for the template or your own project.

Unlimited Options

Select whether toolbar should be fixed or static in desktops
Show slant
Display the slant in bottom in desktops